Friday, September 7, 2007

Art trade with Voider

This is drawing I made as an art trade with Voider, he just asked me to draw a hot muscled hunk, either naked or in undies... I hope you will like it Voider! =)
We make this art trade because we both were the first ones to comment on eachother's blog.
His blog is in here: Aneros' Labyrinth
BTW I think this character could be the main character of my comic, Ikinda like how he turned out...
Would you believe I had to practice how to draw cocks too? I think this one came ourt way better than what I usually do. And the legs are better than my previous work, they were a mess in that one =(
Anyway I know I've been doing a lot of solo pics lately, I'll try to have some glorious intercourse for next time hehe


Anonymous said...

te quedo muy bien
seran las sombras y el brillo que le dan una imagen de que esta humedo.....@u@ jijijiji

Tomas said...

hehe, creo que son los brillos, me gusta dar ese efecto, encuentro que se ve como humedo tambien.
gracias por el comentario.

Aneros said...

Thanks again for the drawing, he looks really really good. I have always liked your art style and you have yet to disappoint in your art and I doubt that you will.

Thanks again for the art trade.

mountii said...

I WISH HE WAS REAL!!!!!!! but would i have a chance?????? that's 2b decided....the judges r n and i'm ranked w/ a negative -1...i guess he wouldn't b w/me even if he was real then, goodthing he's a toon then lol

Anonymous said...

I do similar type of work, and yes, I can believe you had to practice his dick, they are not as easy as people would think.

Danilo said...

Este es mi favorito, me encanta.

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