Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some of my newest works.

For those of you who lurk around the Y! you have already seen these, but for others, I think you might like them, they're the last works I've been doing this time.
They are a few days/weeks old but already I feel like they have so much stuff that needs fixing! I guess that means I'm getting better? haha I hope you'll agree.
This was the first work I did since I stopped drawing anime. (maybe not defintely, but I needed to take a break) It wasn't bad, but could have been better.
This one is pretty old actually, but I still like it, plus it was on of the few pieces where I wasn't extremely lazy with the background.

I'm somewhat pleased with this one, specially because of the coloring, and the lips dind't turned out that bad after all.
This one has it's pro's and con's, I like most of it, but the hands and feet are horrible, I think I've improved a bit since then. (made lots of hand sketches!)
I'm not too fond of this one, the mouth looks weird and the guy looks sad, he should look horny, not sad! This is the first one I painted the lips and the result wasn't too good << I like this one, but I think I screwed it up with the bg, the lips look a bit better than in the previous one, but still need more work. I'm specially fond of the coloring though, I think the butt of the bottom looks yummy!

Those are the last ones I've been posting in Y! I hope you'll like them, and I hope to keep improving too!


DrGaellon said...

I *LIKE* the redhead. Very hot!

Tomas said...

thank you, I'm thinking about making a regular character of some of those...

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