Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is a small gift for a friend, and also because he was the second most voted character in last poll, I hope you guys will like it ;)
BTW I can't deny I'm an assman, hahaha I love to draw big muscled round butts :lol:

Vargas 2011

I remembered this char I used to draw a lot back in 2002, I always liked him.
I had to look back at my old works folder to remember a few things about him, I couldn't help to compare the 2002 version to the current one, and I was very happy to see that I have improved a lot since then, I hope you guys will agree haha.

Zell 2

Okay, here's the winner of the contest, Zell from Final Fantasy 8 This was the most voted char in yesterday's poll, so here it is to everyone who voted from him!
I hope you guys will like it :)


I have always loved this character, I don't know why I never did a pic of him before...
I really liked the end result, hope you guys do too :)

Vampire 2

some new idea for a new character :)


An old character I used to draw, Wanted to draw him again :)
Still practicing with the drawing program, I wanted to start playing with different lineweights, I think I like the result, it's just a quick linework but still wanted to share it with you guys :)
Btw Also practicing a new style, more comic oriented, but not anime, doesn't mean I'll only draw like this now, but it's soemthing new and fun to play with :)
BTW, don't be fooled by his apparent "innocent" look, he really is a power bottom who enjoys being ridden hard ;)

Happy Easter!

Better late than never I guess!
Thanx to everyone who has liked and faved my drawings! It's thank to you that I still want to draw, so this is a quick thank you for all of you!
I hope you guys all had a grea
t easter!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Double penetration 2

A real close up, heh.

Random guy

Still practicing with the paint tool SAI program :)

Sclav 2

Everytime I like more and more this new program...
Just wanetd to practice a bit with hands (I always have trouble with those...)


Hey there guys, I know I haven't posted anything in like forever, I've been very busy with wotk and my thesis (which should be done next week) so I just wanted to throw in a quickie I did today.
It's sclav my Blood elf mage, enjoying being the center of attention as always...
I discovered a nice little program caller paint tool sai, it's great for drawing, the whole drawing was made with tablet, and I've yet to discover more about the program. :)
take care everyone and I hope I'l be able to post more soon!

Manga style

For those who liked my old manga style you'll be happy to know that I decided to start drawing in that style again too, I'll keep drawing in this style and my regular one now, I think both have their own advantages, and it's useful for practice, I hope you'll like it :D


3 characters from old NES games, Kid Icarus and the other 2 are from Balloon fighter, the ideas for the changes were done by dinosaurprince himself, so thank him for coming up with such great ideas :D

By the pool

I tried vectorizing the lineart and I think it looks much cleaner so I probably keep experimenting on that :D
Interested in comissions?
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