Thursday, November 8, 2007

Snake gangbanged!

Well, some fan art for a change...
I haven't drawed anything in a long time, and everytime I do that, I seem to loose all knowledge about anatomy and proportions haha, I have to draw for like half an hour to start doing things somewhat decent again...
Anyway, this is snake, I never liked him much, but I had never played MGS though...
but seing some screens of smash bros brawl, and how they made snake wear some tight clothes, and how they were so generous with his ass (I tell you, it's amazing) made me a bit more interested in MGS, I'll surely play it in a while haha.
I hope you guys will like it...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

simple drawing

hey there guys, sorry for being somewhat absent lately, but I've been very busy with college stuff lately, and I haven't had any time to draw at all...
with so little time to draw, I thought I could try to do some simple drawings and add the good ones to my porfolio I'm thinking to send to some gay newspaper we have around here, so wish me luck...
I know this one isn't too good, but it's the first one I do and I'm sure the next one will be better.
anyway that's all for now, again thanx a lot for those who have commented, and to all of you people who visited the site, it's nice to see you like the stuff I do.
take care everyone!
(I'll try to have more drawings in the next few days, luckily I'll have more spare time in the future.)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Gay pride at Santiago, Chile

I took forever to finish this pic, It was supposed to be a short drawing in alusion to the gay pride in my city yesterday, I wasn't even gonna paint it! But again the "this has to be my best work" bug stinged me, and I couldn't resist to try to make it look better...
I'm prety happy with the result, I hadn't drew anything in a while, and man it shows, It was like I had forgotten hot to draw completely! I had to keep changing stuff here an there untill finaly the linework was somewhat decent... I think it's very colorful, but again, most of the stuff I do is colorful so...
I know it's not showing anything XXX, I'll probably be doing a small series of non XXX stuff and try to get myself a small portfolio and go around some places showing it and see if they're interested in my services hehe.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sorry for the long absence!

Okay guys, I'm really sorry for not updating in such a long time, I've been pretty busy lately, I started my internship, a friend got really sick and I had to carry him to various hospitals and doctors for more than a week, there was national holidays in my country (that means lots of parties haha) and I went to the beach with my bf and some friends last weekend, but I haven't forgotten about you...
Sadly I don't have any new art for now, but I'll try to have something new soon(probably tomorrow). Today is "Gay pride" in my city, so we'll go marching in the afternoon, I'll take pictures and post them in here tomorrow, I wanted to post some picture of last year Gay pride, but it seems that I lost them =( so you'll just have to conform with some stupid self pic (first pic I upload that isn't a drawing...)
Take care guys and i hope to have something new soon...
EDIT: Btw, thanx guys for all the visits!! I never thought so many people would be interested! :D:D

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'll be a bit busy

Just wanted to tell you guys that I started my internship today, so I might have not as much free time as before, I'll still try to get new drawings, and i hope you'll like them.
Not much more for today, Just got home and i'm kinda tired, I'll go take a nap :3

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Art trade 2 WIP

I won't be able to finish this one till tomorrow, since I'm going out and won't be back till then, so I'll leave you guys with the linework of this drawing. He asked me to not upload it to the Y! gallery till he finishes his part of the trade, I'm sure I'll like his work hehe,
Anyway about this one, It's Iceman with blackspidey,
I think coloring Iceman will be kinda difficult, but we'll see.
Anyway Ihope you'll like it, and I'll try to have the colored one by tomorrow.
cya tomorrow guys!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Art trade with Voider

This is drawing I made as an art trade with Voider, he just asked me to draw a hot muscled hunk, either naked or in undies... I hope you will like it Voider! =)
We make this art trade because we both were the first ones to comment on eachother's blog.
His blog is in here: Aneros' Labyrinth
BTW I think this character could be the main character of my comic, Ikinda like how he turned out...
Would you believe I had to practice how to draw cocks too? I think this one came ourt way better than what I usually do. And the legs are better than my previous work, they were a mess in that one =(
Anyway I know I've been doing a lot of solo pics lately, I'll try to have some glorious intercourse for next time hehe

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

50k hits on Y!

This is my last work, I made it for the 50k hits I got in my Y! gallery. I never thought so many people would like my art. I'm so happy about that hehe.
This is Cray from breath of fire 4. I drawed him because my first erotic drawings that I uploaded to the net (the GYAM site back then) were about Cray. He was my favorite character for almost 2 years. So it was fun to draw him again, even if my drawing style has changed a lot lately.
I'm pretty happy with the result, and the background turned out nicely I guess. Of course opinions are welcome =)

Some of my newest works.

For those of you who lurk around the Y! you have already seen these, but for others, I think you might like them, they're the last works I've been doing this time.
They are a few days/weeks old but already I feel like they have so much stuff that needs fixing! I guess that means I'm getting better? haha I hope you'll agree.
This was the first work I did since I stopped drawing anime. (maybe not defintely, but I needed to take a break) It wasn't bad, but could have been better.
This one is pretty old actually, but I still like it, plus it was on of the few pieces where I wasn't extremely lazy with the background.

I'm somewhat pleased with this one, specially because of the coloring, and the lips dind't turned out that bad after all.
This one has it's pro's and con's, I like most of it, but the hands and feet are horrible, I think I've improved a bit since then. (made lots of hand sketches!)
I'm not too fond of this one, the mouth looks weird and the guy looks sad, he should look horny, not sad! This is the first one I painted the lips and the result wasn't too good << I like this one, but I think I screwed it up with the bg, the lips look a bit better than in the previous one, but still need more work. I'm specially fond of the coloring though, I think the butt of the bottom looks yummy!

Those are the last ones I've been posting in Y! I hope you'll like them, and I hope to keep improving too!

Gift art for Patrick Fillion

Well, I couldn't be happier, I asked Patrick Fillion to check my site, and link to it if he liked it, and it seems he DID! in fact, he told me that he liked my drawings and that I had talent! I was so happy haha.
As a big thank you to him, I decided to draw one of my favorite chars or him, Naked Justice.
I'm pretty happy with the result, I hope he will like it too. =)
Maybe he isn't as well endowed as he usually is, but I couldn't get to draw his cock any bigger...
I just realized I did 2 drawings today! I must be on fire! (In fact, I think my left hand might actually be ;_;)
I hope you guys will like it.
Naked Justice is ®Patrick Fillion

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New picture

Well, I just realized I'm close to getting 50k hits (on my Y! account), I couldn't be happier; but I think that the least I could do for you guys is learn a little more anatomy, so I've been doing some sketches and trying to improve my anatomy a bit, hands, feet, torso, legs, etc... This is the result.
I took a bit longer in coloring this I wanted to be really happy with the result, and I think I didn't do a bad job, what do you think?
Simple BG but at least better that what I usually do.

My first official comission!

Ok I finnally made my first "official" comission, it was pretty fun to draw and everything, I wanted to actually make a more interesting background than I usually do, I'm pretty happy with the result. I was asked to make it more in anime style, even though I'm trying to stay away from it, but oh well I can't complain.

Comissions are open!

Okay, today I got my first payement for a comission I did a while back, and I have to say that everything went amazingly well, it was very easy to actually get the money out of paypal (altough I did have to use xoom to get it out) so now that I see that everything works well and fast. I'm finnaly ready to take comissions, the right way, no more western union crap . I can use paypal and all that stuff

-about the style of the drawing, it can be more anime-like, or more realistic.
-about the subject, it can be fanart or original, portraits, etc... unless some stuff(vore/scat/pedo/heavy violence) most of the other stuff is within the limits (furries, transgender, a BIT of blood)

Sketch= 6
Lineart= 10
Colored work with no background= 20
Colored worh with background= 25
These are the prices for 1 character pieces, with 2 or more characters will go up a bit, and also prices may vary a bit depending on the difficulty of the piece.
The prices aren't set on stone, they will probably vary a bit depending on each work, but will probably be discussed before the thing is done.

If you're interested, pm me, or you can e-mail me to feel free to ask any questions!

Friday, August 24, 2007

1st post

Hi peeps, this is Tomas Leiva, and this is my brand-new-fresh-from-the-oven blogspot.
It's going to be mostly about my art, although I might post just about everything aswell.
I draw mostly erotic drawings of men, but I've drawed some women or furries at times too.
I have a profile in y! gallery too, although in order to see the x-rated stuff you'llhave to register (it's free!)
Anyway I hope you'll like this, and I hope too that I'll be updating this thing often enough to keep you guys entertained.
That's all for now people, have a good time. =)
Interested in comissions?
Feel free to send me an email to